about Tao Yuan


Ancient Chinese legend tells of a fisherman who accidentally happens upon a mysterious grove of peach trees. Deep within, he finds a secret colony of villagers who have enjoyed lives of peace and abundance, isolated from the outside world for 600 years. The villagers invite the fisherman to meal after meal, plying him with the freshest of foods and finest of wines as they listen to tales of life outside their hidden settlement. The fisherman eventually takes his leave, trekking back through the grove of peach trees to the world beyond. But though he leaves careful markers along the way, he can never find the peach-grove paradise again.

Welcome to Tao Yuan.  Tao, which in Chinese is written 桃 (meaning “peach”, short for The Tale of the Peach Blossom Spring or 世外桃源) has come to mean an unexpectedly fantastic place off the beaten path -- and we strive to be the closest thing to an otherworldly peach-grove utopia you'll find this side of the Atlantic.

In the tradition of the villagers, we invite you to feast on the freshest meats and produce, and toast fine wines and spirits. But we differ from this story in one crucial respect: it is our wish that, unlike the fisherman, you will find your way back to Tao Yuan, time and again.